Trabzon is the most significant and largest part on the Black Sea coast. It has deep historical background, lying from Roman and Byzantine periods (as a capital city of the Pontus state) to Ottoman periods. Built during the period of the Comnene King Alexis III, Sumela Monastery is encircled with clouds with the its height and magnificence. Another historical building is Saint Sophia Museum which was constructed in the 13th century as a church and is used as a museum today. There are rivers, plateas, ports and other natural places, which surrounds over the city.

Trabzon is one of the very main stops for the Black Sea tours, Sumela Monastery, Uzungol are the very main highlights in Trabzon. You may even take a daily tour to Ayder while you are accommodating in Trabzon.

The Black Sea people are funny with their jokes, their normal way of life is even like joke to us.

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