Elazig, founded in the 19th century, lies on a plain in the shadow of a mountain crowned with the ancient citadel of Harput. Destruction wrought by several earthquakes and the relatively recent construction of Elazig has led to most of the population of Harput deserting it for the modern city. Several Seljuk mosques remain, however, which are worth visiting. The Keban and Karakaya Dams on the Firat river have created huge artificial lakes, dramatically altering the surrounding environment. Twenty-five kilometers south of Elazig, the lovely and tranquil Hazar Lake invites relaxation. High mountains encircle Tunceli, 133 km north of Elazig on the Elazig-Erzurum road. On the way, stop off to see the fortress of Pertek, built in the Middle Ages and still in good condition today. In the Munzur Valley National Park near Ovacik, 60 km northwest of Tunceli, you can fish in rushing, trout-filled streams while enjoying the amazing scenery. The name of Bingol means "a thousand lakes", a name given to it because of the many glacier lakes in the surrounding mountains. In the city stand the remains of a medieval fortress. Bingol-Yolcati (Kurucadag) Ski Center is 20 km to the west.

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