Canakkale is a town and seaport in Turkey  in Canakkale Province, on the southern (Asian) coast of the Dardanelles (or Hellespont) at their narrowest point. 
Canakkale Province, like Istanbul Province, has territory in both Europe and Asia. Ferries cross here to the northern (European) side of the strait.The city is the nearest major town to the site of ancient Troy. The "wooden horse" from the 2004 movie Troy is exhibited on the seafront. Canakkale is the second city to be situated on two continents after Istanbul. However Canakkale is closer to mid-division than Istanbul.
There are numerous options for a great holiday. The city itself has witnessed horrible clashes in World War I, so it's a major historical area for Turks, Britans, Australians and New Zealenders. Because we all lost many of our anchesters in Canakkale so as Australians and Newzealanders. All of these dead soldiers are sleeping in peace our land. Apart from that, there are also fantastic vacation spots near the city. You can take an hour ferry-trip to the islands Bozcaada and Gokceada: two lovely Aegean islands. You could also see the legendary ancient city of Troy, or go hiking in Mt.Ida. Also, you could spend holiday in Assos, where you could spend a holiday in an ancient place.According to some excavations and research, the earliest settlements in the region were established at Kumtepe. It is supposed that Kumkale was established in 4000 BC and Troy between 3500–3000 BC. The real history of Canakkale started with Troy.
In 1915, during the First World War, British Empire and France attempted to capture the Ottoman capital of Constantinople and secure a sea route to Russia. Known as The Gallipoli Campaign, or the Dardanelles Campaign, in Turkey it is referred to as the Battle of Canakkale, when during March 1915 when the Royal Navy failed to force the Dardanelles and suffered severe losses. During a series of operations, HMS Triumph, HMS Ocean, HMS Goliath, HMS Irresistible and the French battleship Bouvet were all sunk. The French submarine Q18 Joule and the Australian submarine AE2 were also destroyed and several other important ships were crippled too. Most of the damage was inflicted by mines, though a German U Boat and Turkish small craft contributed too.
As of 1920, the city was estimated to have a population of approximately 22,000. An active port city, it was a stopping point for vessels traveling through the strait, as it had been in the ancient past. It was described as lacking quality accommodations and resources for those passing through by the British who visited the region. Exported goods from the city included wine, hides, pottery, ceramic tiles and grain.
You should definitely visit to Gallipoli and Troy while you are in Canakkale. You can buy delicious cheese, olive oil or delicious local olives from one of the local boutique shops in Canakkale. 
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