Black Sea Tours

The Black Sea Region, stretching from Istanbul to Georgian border and located in the north of Turkey as a very significant strategic location,  is one of the best tourist attractions of Turkey. It is an amazing destination with its natural and scenic beauties. First of all,  the region has unique natural beauty such as plains, rivers,  plateous and ranges of mountians. Therefore,  the first places to be travelled are Ordu,  Giresun, Rize and Trabzon. In addition to these cities, almost each city of the region has its own tourist attraction.  Especially, Rize, the capital of tea-growing city,  is sorrounded by dense forest, mountains and plains. İn Rize region you should definitely visit Ayder and Firtina vadisi. Trabzon has not only natural beauty but also historical and cultural building such as Hagia Sophia Church and Monastery of the Virgin Mary and other mosques and churches.

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