The lively city of Bitlis, an important center of tobacco production, stands in the middle of a green oasis. The city's architecture uses the local dark stone, and the stone monuments include the Serefhan Medrese, the 12th-century Ulu Mosque, the Seljuk Gokmeydani Mosque and the Ottoman Serefiye Mosque. Bitlis Sapgor Ski Center is close to the town's center. From Tatvan on the western shore of Lake Van, you can take a passenger and train ferry across the water to Van. Nemrut Dagi (Mt. Nemrut, not to be confused with Nemrut Dagi National Park in the province of Adiyaman) makes a challenging climb. In its center a deep crater lake bubbles with volcanic hot springs. We highly recommend you to taste the delicious flower honey of Bitlis.

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