Esbelli Evi -
Boutique Hotel
Location; Urgup, Cappadocia
Since 1987, I've bought several traditional Cappadocian houses in Urgup's Esbelli district, noted for its fine old stone homes. I combined and restored them using local artisans, to make an inn. I wanted to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for visitors who would stay in comfortable 'cave rooms' and enjoy my inn as though it were the home of a Cappadocian friend. Since then, Esbelli Evi has hosted thousands of travelers, and my dream has come true: I now have friends all over the world.
Many people have urged me to enlarge the inn and have more than my ten rooms, but I would rather keep it small and preserve its warm, personal atmosphere.
Because Esbelli Evi is small, it's important to make advance reservations if you can. I would like to meet you and help you to enjoy beautiful Cappadocia. 
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