Agri province is situated in Eastern Anatolia extending to the Iranian border. It's one of the highest regions in the country with its mountainous formation.

The Meteor hole is an interesting sight located between the Gurbulak border gate and Sancavus village. It is about 80 years old and is the second largest hole of this type in the world having 35 meters width and 60 meters depth (115 by 197 feet). Besides these tourist attractions there are other specialties in the province. One is "Lake Balik", famous for its trout. Located at 18 kilometers north-east of Taslicay village and at 2,250 meters above sea level, it's the largest lake in Turkey at this high altitudes. The lake is completely frozen during winter months. The local dessert of "Asure", also known as "Noah's Pudding" is one of the best examples in the Turkish cuisine.

Diyadin thermal baths are about 60 kilometers from the city center where people go for the cures of rheumatism, skin deseases, bone problems and so on.

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