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MOHSIN SHAHNAWAZ RANJHA - Pakistan, Lahor - 21.04.2014
POMEGRANATE TOUR Company was my tour guide during my trip to Turkey. This company arranged an amazing trip for me in Istanbul, Kusadası, Pamukkale and Antalya. All the best wishes for Pomegranate Tour Company and its owner Mr. Mevlut Uysal. Mohsin Shahnawaz Ranjha Member of Parliament Sargodha Parliament Secretary Ministery of Information, Broadcasting & National Heritage
Siti Maryani - Kualalumpur - 11.02.2014
Thank you for unforgetable Turkey tour arranged by Pomegranate Tour with its fast feedback, punctual, excellent concerned tour guides. No regret! Strongly recommend your company to family and friends. Siti Maryani Kualalumpur / Malaysia
Sartini Santi & Lorna Mouren - Malaysia - 29.10.2013
Dear Mr Mevlut, First of all I want to say million thanks to you and the team for arranging such an amazing tour for both Lorna and I. It was just fun and memorable especially when it's all happening on my birthday month. I had been wanting to write but was preoccupied with work right after coming back from vacation. Holidays are over, but we could still imagine Turkey as if it's right in front of us. Pomegranate Tour Travel Agency had shown how beautiful Turkey is to us and we'd like to definitely share plus recommend you, Mr Mevlut Uysal of Pomegranate Tour Travel Agency to friends wishing to experience Turkiye themselves. Hope to have good encounter with you again next time if we had the chance to visit. Thank You once again! Best Regards from us in Malaysia.
Shakir Mahmood - U.S.A / PENNSYLVENIA - 22.08.2013
Assalamwaalikum Mr. Mevlut! Hope your family is doing well! Belated Eid Mubarak! I should have been writing this email right after we got back from Turkey, but things got busy here at work and Ramadan was in the middle. Finally, I get a chance to express my gratitude for the wonderful arrangements your travel agency Pomegranate Tour had arranged for me and my family. Our visit to Turkey was an amazing experience and we would like to thank you immensely for making it as comfortable as it was. Every little part of this trip was excellent. From the moment we stepped out of the plane in Istanbul to the very last day we spent in Turkey, everything was so well arranged. The transportation was to our convenience, the cuisine was delicious, and the sights were beyond words. Every hotel you arranged for us to stay in was capacious and very comfortable for my family. We especially loved the cave hotel we stayed in at Cappadocia. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity! The itinerary you had prepared for us was perfect since we were traveling with our kids. You kept that in mind as well and it made our trip so much more convenient. The personal touch you gave us during our vacation was also something that made Turkey as memorable as it is. We loved dinner with you and your hospitality and love made us feel more welcome. We can't appreciate you calling us on a daily basis and keeping in touch with. It meant a lot to us to show how adamant you were on making our stay comfortable. I would highly recommend you, Mevlut Uysal, and your travel agency, Pomegranate Tour, to all my family and friends in U.S as well as in India. You have made this Summer one of the most memorable for me and my family. Anyone who wants to see the beauty of Turkey should get in contact with you. Please give our regards to your wife and love to your son (I hope by now there is a new member to your family). If you need anything please don't hesitate to ask and do visit us in the U.S. Sincerely, Shakir Mahmood
Sumreen FAIZ - Pakistan / Karachi - 15.07.2013
We had one of the best tours of our lives since we travel often. Me and my sister Irum had great time together due to very well arranged , managed and planned holiday 10 day tour by Mevlüt UYSAL , POMEGRANATE TOUR . Thank you so much for every thing you did to make our trip possible and amazingly memorable. SUMREEN FAİZ